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  • Aziza

    A female Khinasi and fellow initiate joining the Concordium

  • Nadia

    A female Vos and fellow initiate joining the Concordium

  • Burns

    Octavius Burns, apparent co-leader of the Concorduim in the Coeranys area. He seems to be an odd but enthusiastic mage.

  • Rufus

    A very tall and well armored henchmen of the Concordium. He seems to run the outer grounds and cares for the kennel. His helmet is in the visage of a rabid dog, it seems fitting since he has only growled and grunted so far.

  • Red

    An Allie of the Concorduim, Red is a dwarf who travels the length of the Qanti river in his small but armored river boat. He usually brings supplies and the new recruits to Homlett, one of his many stops. he claims to once be a member of the Concordium, …

  • Robilar

    A warrior and co-leader of the Concordium in the Homlett area. He seems more serious and down to business then his co-worker.

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