The beginning

A day at Trader’s Way

Our likely heroes found themselves in the small town of Trader’s Way. A busy town that rivals another less desirable town across the bay , Lundaer. Locating the Inn where they are supposed to catch a ride to their next town for the Concordium, they checked in but quickly decided to see the sights and excitement of town. They discovered an outsider was murdered that morning, apparently by more outsiders. The townsfolk talked of strange lights, noises, and haunted mansions. The Mansion of Ulthar, was once a very nice home to well known alchemist that has fallen into disarray for the last 20 years or so. A few have searched the grounds but most stay away from the haunted territory. This seemed to perk the interest Weedrum and Alden, who quickly made their way out of town. They brought along another Concorduim recruit, Bodin, a wandering druid from a far away land. They discovered the ruined and over grown grounds of the mansion of Uthar, and are ready to investigate.



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