A Casualty in the ranks


The Adventurers made their way into the old mansion and quickly realized this was more then just an empty and neglected house. A booming voice warning of doom, large insects, and encroaching goblins were only the vbeginning.
Weedrum, a careful and cautious adventurer, succumbed to a cloud of yellow mold in his attempts at searching for some left over or forgotten treasure.
The remaining adventures decided at a hasty retreat, they left Weedrums corpse in a cloud of yellow spores, dead on the second floor. Realizing the warnings from the townsfolk were probably correct, none have ever returned alive from this awful place.

They returned to Traders Way and stayed at the Green Mermaid, deciding it was best to wait for the Concordium contacts to arrive and take them up river. They drank and swapped stories with the locals, adding to the legend of Ulther Mansion.

They finally met their ride up river, the crew of the small but hearty Gypsy Queen. Run by a one legged dwarf known simply as Red. Put to work they quickly sailed up the Qanti river, and were shown the dangers along the rivers edges.


Arriving in Homlett, they easily spotted the Concorduims tower rising above the small village. They quickly went to the compound and met Burns, the leader of the location. They were immediately tested for their abilities and skills against Rufus. A tall armored man of few words. They all seemed to pass easily enough, except for Alder who had to really show is extra abilities.
p. Burns was delighted at the newest initiates passing and set them on their first easy assignment. A local band of brigands had supposedly been seen around the area, probably trying to set up a camp in the old abandoned moat-house, the initiates are to clear out the moat-house, of brigands or whatever other denizens had moved in.


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